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Using the right packing material is essential for your move. In addition to moving boxes, special boxes, bubble wrap and stretch wrap ensure that your belongings arrive safely at your new place of residence.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about packaging material and moving boxes. Find out where you can order moving boxes online, what types of special boxes are available for moving and how much good packaging material and rental boxes cost.

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You don’t want to worry about packaging material, its quality, costs and disposal? Save yourself the time required to procure moving boxes and use DasUmzugsteam’s sustainable service. We offer the highest quality and everything you need to carefully pack your removal goods.

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As a full-service moving company, we can offer you the packing of all household goods into moving boxes on request. After safe transport to your new home, we unpack your household goods and stow them away as desired.

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The material at a glance

Moving boxes and special boxes


Moving boxes

Moving boxes are the most common type of packaging material. Choosing the right moving box for the respective items is extremely important for safe transport. Quality plays a big role here. Make sure that the boxes are double-walled to ensure that your belongings are kept safe.


Clothes boxes

Clothes boxes are slightly larger moving boxes with a clothes rail that can be hung up.
Clothes boxes are especially practical if most of the clothes in your wardrobe are hung. These special boxes help you pack clothes quickly and neatly and easily unpack them again.


PC containers

On request, we can rent out rollable PC containers for protecting and safely transporting your technical equipment. Perfect for transporting PC monitors, printers or other electrical appliances.

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Wraps & paper

In addition to moving boxes, wraps and paper also play an important role in packing removal goods. This type of packaging material protects individual objects from dirt or getting scratched during transport.


Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is suitable for protecting fragile objects and for filling cavities when moving. It is available in various designs and can be used in many ways. You must take into account that wrapping material increases the volume of the packed objects due to the cavities. As a result, you have more removal boxes.


Stretch wrap

Unlike bubble wrap, stretch wrap is rather used to protect against dirt and moisture. With this thin wrapping material, both larger pieces of furniture can be protected from damage as well as small parts, such as screws, shelves, etc., which can be bundled up for easier transport.


Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper, also known as tissue paper or impact paper, is mainly used for wrapping dishes and protecting objects that can easily break. It is suitable as filling material and also for wrapping. Wrapping paper as packaging material is available in sheets and rolls.

Wraps and paper details
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The clear advantages,

if you purchase packaging material from us

There are countless suppliers of moving boxes and packaging materials – Hornbach, Obi, Bauhaus, IKEA and many more, just to name a few. Partly with very favourable unit prices, but please don’t be fooled by this. For packaging material, remember the old saying – buy cheap, buy twice.

  • Tested and proven top quality of all materials
  • Time saving because we deliver all the packaging material to your home
  • You don’t have to worry about disposing it after the move
  • In general, delivery and collection of all material is free of charge
  • Thanks to the rental option, you can make your move more sustainable
  • With our expertise, we help you estimate the quantity required

Frequently asked questions

About the subject packaging material, moving boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

Where can I buy packaging material?
You can buy or "rent" moving boxes and packaging material from us. Here, you can be assured of receiving highly stable cardboard boxes, which are also delivered to your home free of charge as part of our service. You can also get these kinds of items in appropriate online shops or DIY stores - but usually at inferior quality.
When should I start packing?
You should be careful with packing and not start too early or too late. If you have a smaller household or office, you should start packing about a week before the planned moving date. If you have a large household or a large company, we recommend that you start packing a few days earlier. If you want to save yourself this kind of stress, DasUmzugsteam offers a carefree package incl. packing and unpacking service for all of your household goods.
What do I have to consider when packing moving boxes?
When packing moving boxes, always start with a layer of bubble wrap or clothing. Then pack heavy objects. Finally, fill the moving box with light things. When packing, be careful not to block the moving boxes' finger holes. It is important that the boxes are not heavier than 20 kg, so that there are no problems when carrying them later.
Can I also use newspaper?
We do not recommend using newspaper as a protective or packaging material as it can stain your items and therefore cause unnecessary extra work for you.
Where can I buy cheap moving boxes?
Our "rental concept" offers several advantages. You not only get back €0.50 per box upon return, but you also save precious time. Because we deliver and collect our moving boxes on the desired date. And free of cost.
How much does a moving box cost?
The price of new moving boxes can vary widely. So basic boxes start at 1.50 euros per piece. It is worth investing in high-quality moving boxes with higher load capacity. Clothes boxes and special boxes for dishes and books are usually more expensive than conventional moving boxes. They can even cost more than 10 euros. Used packaging for moving is available from less than one euro.
How big is a standard moving box?
There is no such thing as a "standard moving box". The size of moving boxes is not always the same and can be chosen as required. For moving, boxes with a height and width of about 30 to 33 cm and a length between 58 and 66 cm are usually used. The standard capacity is between 50 and 70 litres.
How much does a moving box cost in a hardware store?
Moving boxes are available in hardware stores from about 1.50 euros.
How many moving boxes fit into a rental van?
How many moving boxes fit into a rental van of course, depends on the model. As a reference, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers a loading volume of approximately 9.5 m³. Depending on the size of the moving boxes, this corresponds to about 70 to 90 boxes, as 10 medium-sized moving boxes equal about one cubic metre.
Buying or renting packaging material?
+ Great stability and hygiene+ Used but still very stable
+ Can be easily resold+ You do not have to worry about the disposal (picked up by us)
- More expensive to purchase (depending on the design)+ You save €0.50 per box
- More rubbish accumulation+ More sustainable and better for the environment
How many moving boxes do I need?
Of course, the amount of items to be moved varies from household to household and person to person. The following reference values are generally used:
  • Single households with 1–2 rooms: approx. 30 moving boxes
  • Multiperson households: around 20–25 boxes per adult and around 10 boxes per baby/toddler
Tip: Always have a few more moving boxes ready!
How heavy should a filled moving box be?
20 kg is recommended as the maximum weight for filled moving boxes. You don't know how heavy 20 kg is? No problem, just make sure you can still carry the moving boxes yourself.
How many moving boxes do I need for the kitchen?
For an averagely equipped kitchen, you will need 20–30 boxes. Make sure that the quality of the moving boxes is good, so that glasses and dishes do not get damaged.
Can banana boxes be used as moving boxes?
We do not recommend using banana boxes for moving. The large hole in the middle can be covered by cardboard, but their load-bearing capacity is usually inadequate. You can use banana boxes for lighter items if you want but use high-quality moving boxes for heavy items.
How do I label moving boxes correctly?
Labelling moving boxes is an important step. As soon as the boxes are packed, they should be visibly labelled. If you plan to resell the boxes afterwards or if you have only rented them, we recommend labelling them by using labels. These can then be removed again. If you rent or buy packaging material from DasUmzugsteam, you will also receive an adhesive label for labelling, which is affixed to the corner of the moving boxes.
How do I use bubble wrap correctly?
Basically, bubble wrap is used in such a way that the nubs point inwards towards the product. These nestle against the surface and therefore offer the best protection.
Where can I buy bubble wrap?
Bubble wrap can be purchased at hardware stores or on the internet. In addition, DasUmzugsteam offers a variety of packaging materials for sale, including bubble wrap. You don't know how much material you need? We will be happy to advise you! Here you will find our prices.
Do moving companies also take over the packing and unpacking of removal goods?
There are moving companies that also offer a packing and unpacking service. So if you want to save yourself a lot of time and stress, leave the packaging and the selection and procurement of suitable moving boxes and other packaging material to an experienced packaging team.

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