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We are happy to help you with your new kitchen without moving. Our highly trained team takes care of all kitchen assemblies, regardless of furniture store and manufacturer. Whether Ikea, Lutz or Möbelix – we assemble every kitchen. Our kitchen team, all of them professionals, are certified kitchen assemblymen and have many years of experience in the area of disassembling, assembling and transporting a wide variety of kitchen models. We guarantee a clean and professional way of working.

Scope of services

Everything from one source

  • Collection and delivery of the new kitchen
  • Installation of the kitchen including assembly of the worktop
  • Professional connection of all electrical appliances
  • Professional installation of sink and water pipes
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How do we carry out the kitchen assembly

Perfectly coordinated, seamlessly, efficiently and carefree for you

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  • Initial information and offer
    • You send us your final kitchen plan
    • We create an offer based on the plan
  • Collection and coordination
    • You send us detailed information (purchase contract & delivery note)
    • We take care of the collection and delivery
  • Assembly and connection work
    • Assembly of the kitchen incl. assembly of the worktop
    • Professional connection of all electrical appliances
    • Professional installation of sink and water pipes

Costs of assembling a new kitchen

Clear advantage – no endless waiting for an assembly date from furniture stores

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The costs’ for setting up a new kitchen are as follows:

€60 basic flat rate (25 km area)

+ €90 flat rate for the connection of electrical appliances (water, electricity and lighting connections)

+ €120 per linear metre of the base cabinets

+ €40 per linear metre of the upper cabinets

+ €170 per linear metre for the tall cabinets (extractor fan falls under tall cabinet)

*All prices excl. 20% VAT.

Sample pricing kitchen assembly
Example of kitchen plan vs installed kitchen - DasUmzugsteam


Base cabinet: 5,9 linear metres

Upper cabinet: 3,2 linear metres

Top cabinet: 1,1 linear metres

Assembly costs incl. connection of the devices = € 1.173,-

*all prices excl. 20% VAT.

Frequently asked questions

About the subject kitchen assembly

What needs to be considered when assembling a kitchen?
For assembling a kitchen, the kitchen plan, preferably drawn up by professionals, is essential. Here, there must be certainty that the planned kitchen matches the existing connections. It is important to ensure that there are power and water connections available and that they are ready for installation. If connections need to be moved, this must be carried out before the assembly date and by qualified personnel (electricians, installers, etc.).
Setting up a kitchen is real precision work and should only be carried out by professionals. Whether the task at hand is assembling an Ikea, Lutz or Möbelix kitchen or setting up a kitchen of another brand, our team are experts on the subject.
How long does it take to assemble a kitchen?
Assembling a kitchen is very individual and depends on the model, size and complexity of the kitchen. By experience, you need to plan 1–2 days for assembling a kitchen.
In the case of a kitchen planned and equipped with a stone plate, an additional date for assembling the plate must be included in addition to the assembly date. By experience, the stone plate-selling company comes to measure the kitchen after it has been assembled. Accordingly, you have to wait several weeks until the final stone plate is delivered and assembled.
How long does it take to assemble an IKEA kitchen?
The assembly of an IKEA kitchen depends on the model and size of the kitchen but usually takes 1–2 days on average.
Does a kitchen assembly always include connecting sinks and appliances?
Yes, this is always included. Our assembly teams are professionally trained and take care of the entire installation of water connections and electrical appliances. We strongly advise against doing this yourself or instructing untrained people to do the work.

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