Professional furniture assembly and disassembly

Pieces of furniture of any kind, kitchen assemblies, ceiling & wall assemblies

The careful assembly and dismantling of bulky furniture is a prerequisite for a successful move and should be carried out by professionals. Furniture can only be disassembled and then reassembled without being damaged by those with enough experience. The same goes for kitchens. Save yourself a lot of time and stress by leaving the professional dismantling of unique, antique vintage or designer furniture to our professional skilled workers. The professional furniture packers also disassemble fragile objects such as mirrors, pictures and lamps.

DasUmzugsteam moving fitter drills a hole into a wall while vaccuming
DasUmzugsteam moving fitter drills some screws into panel
DasUmzugsteam moving fitter assembles a cupboard

After successful disassembly, our professionals ensure that your items, whether standard furniture, Ikea furniture, Ikea kitchens or fragile items as assembled professionally again. We have everything that is required for assembling and disassembling items. With the right tools always at hand, our skilled workers can assemble any type of furniture.

Does the used piece of furniture not fit in the new flat? No problem for our professionals. They remodel the piece of furniture as required and adapt it to the new spacial requirements.

Advantages for you

Professional assembly service

Our assembly service can also be booked as a separate service and is not linked to a move.

  • Certified and experienced professionals
  • Professional, clean and time-saving
  • Your own tools are not required
  • Disposal of all packaging material
  • Disposal of old furniture on request

Our assembly service

Fast, convenient and hassle-free

Assembling furniture
Have you bought brand new furniture and would like to have it professionally assembled by professionals? Whether a complex Ikea Pax cabinet system, small furniture from Lutz, Möbelix or Mömax, or furniture of any kind from other manufacturers - with us, you are in the best hands as regards assembling your furniture.
For removals that you ask us to carry out, the disassembly and assembly of furniture are always included.
Disassembling furniture
Are you moving or want to give away one or more of your furniture pieces? Is your cabinet system too complex to disassemble yourself? No problem for us, we will take care of disassembling your furniture. Disassembling a piece of furniture can often be trickier and lead to making more mistakes than assembling it. To be on the safe side here, you'd better let a professional do the work.

For removals that you ask us to carry out, the disassembly and assembly of furniture are always included.
Kitchen assembly

We specialise in assembling new kitchens. Our kitchen team consists entirely of professionals with years of experience in fitting new kitchens. You can find detailed information on this subject here:

More about assembling kitchens

Wall mounting
Wall mounting is not always the same thing - it can quickly become a nerve-wracking undertaking. Do I have the right tools? Are the dowels I bought the right ones for my wall? Questions you do not have to ask yourself when you hire us to carry out your assembly work:
  • Pictures and mirrors
  • Wall lights
  • Cloakroom panels
  • Coat racks
  • TV & sound equipment

and much more.

Ceiling mounting
Especially with things that are mounted on the ceiling, it is extremely important to carry them out correctly and professionally. We are your professional partner when it comes to ceiling mounting:
  • Projectors and screens
  • Curtain rods
  • Curtain rails
  • Ceiling & suspended lights
  • Coat rails

and much more.

Assembling office equipment
On request, we take care of assembling your office equipment and setting up all your office furniture.

How much does an assembly service cost?

The actual costs for setting up furniture depend on the amount of time or work required. Feel free to contact us and we will prepare a non-binding, specially tailored offer for you.

Basic flat rate€ 60,-
+ Assembly timefrom € 35,- per hour.
*All prices excl. 20% VAT.

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DasUmzugsteam employee in flat of client and discussing inventory. DasUmzugsteam
DasUmzugsteam worker assembles lamps with a cordless drill.

How we work

We know all the tips and tricks for setting up furniture

Unfortunately, skilled hands are not the only prerequisite for successfully assembling and disassembling various pieces of furniture. The professionals of our furniture assembly service know all the tricks for a move and apply them skilfully.

  • The floors are covered by our furniture packers before disassembly to protect them from potential damage. This step is often ignored when carrying out moves on one’s own.
  • The specialist staff only puts down the disassembled individual parts after appropriate measures have been taken against damage.
  • Before disassembling a piece of furniture, all individual parts are marked with visible markings. This makes the assembly work easier and faster.
  • All keys, screws and small accessories are carefully stored.
  • During assembly, a spirit level is used to align the furniture perfectly. No skewed surprises!

When professionals are at work

In good hands with your assembly order

Our assembly service can also be booked as a separate service and is not linked to a move. In addition, we offer the necessary transport of furniture to bring your kitchen or your furniture to the new location.

Choose DasUmzugsteam’s professional assembly service and avoid the following problems:

Potential problemOur solution
Missing or lost screws during assemblyComprehensive range at hand
Problems and complications with reassembling furnitureOur employees have many years of experience in assembling and disassembling furniture
A piece of furniture does not fit into the space provided for itWe try to adapt the piece of furniture so that it fits into the space intended for it
Furniture must be disposed of properlyIn addition to assembly and disassembly, DasUmzugsteam also offers a disposal service
The right tool is missingWe work with professional equipment and have everything with us
Packaging of individual partsProfessionals have the right packaging material with them and know how to secure certain pieces of furniture

Do you need us to assemble your furniture?

Moving is exhausting enough. Let the professionals do the furniture assembly.

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