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Are you moving abroad and require a removal company for your international move? Would you like to know what costs to expect for a move abroad and what you should consider before, during and after moving to another country?

We are a reliable partner when it comes to moving abroad – throughout Europe or even worldwide. Thanks to years of experience, moving abroad is a routine matter for our team. We not only take care of transporting furniture abroad and packing, but we also take care of all other matters related to moving, such as cleaning the flat(s) or clearing it/them out. Our team is very familiar with the problems you face when moving abroad and will help you with advice and support.

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Carefree emigration

This is why we are the best choice

  • Years of experience with moving abroad
  • Personal support by a relocation coordinator
  • We take care of applying for the customs documents
  • In-depth knowledge of import regulations, etc.
  • Trained furniture packers and assemblymen with every move
  • Full service with a price guarantee and without hidden costs
  • Provision of suitable packaging material
  • Extensive protection against damage during the move

Free of charge and non-binding

A specially tailored offer with just a few clicks

Time-saving and flexible via the DIY online tool or personally at your premises by our inspector. You choose.

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How much does it cost to move abroad?

What should you expect when moving abroad

In the following table, you will find a general overview of eventual costs connected with moving abroad. You can find more information about our service prices and add-on services on our price page.

up to 50 m²up to 80 m²up to 120 m²
Moving volume10 - 20 m³15 - 35 m³35 - 60 m³
Destinationup to 150 kmup to 300 kmup to 600 km
ServiceDisassembly & assembly of furniture (excl. kitchen), transport-friendly packing, loading & unloading, transport
Costs€ 600 - € 800€ 900 - € 1.400€ 1.400 - € 2.200
*Prices are only indicative, depending on the conditions on site and are excl. 20% VAT.

Moving abroad with DasUmzugsteam

Our approach

Personal advice and tips & tricks

As a customer of DasUmzugsteam, you will be advised and supervised by our move coordinators personally, competently and individually – from the specially tailored offer to the final move.

We offer you an online inspection. With the help of our online tool, you can send us all the information you need about your move at any time. This saves you time and means that you have an appointment less to worry about during the move.

The online inspection can be carried out whenever and wherever you want, both on your mobile phone and PC. An inventory list is created, and the necessary data is entered in three simple steps.

Full service offer and add-ons
No hidden costs and, therefore no rude awakening after the move. DasUmzugsteam will create a carefree package for you for the entire move abroad. This includes, among other things, the procurement of the documents required, transport insurance and assembly and disassembly of furniture.

The carefree package and any add-ons from DasUmzugsteam include everything you need from A to Z for a carefree move. Each offer is tailored to your needs - and at an unbeatable package price advantage!

Acquiring the documents

Depending on your destination and cargo, the transport company needs a wide range of documents, both for large transports and small ones, which must be available, for example, for road checks. DasUmzugsteam takes care of all the documents that are required for transporting your household goods (or your business assets) to your desired destination country. We organise the procurement of permits and documents so that nothing will stand in the way of a timely move abroad.

Transfer to the train station, airport, etc.

When moving abroad, a lot has to be organised. As you already have enough on your plate and do not want to have to worry about the transfer to the new home, DasUmzugsteam offers a special treat.

We will be happy to arrange the transfer to the train station, airport or wherever you want to go. And this is included in the removal price!

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Furniture assembly by carpenter. DasUmzugsteam

Our know-how is to your advantage!

What needs to be considered when moving abroad?

Consultation and calculation

Moving abroad begins with preparatory work. This includes an inspection by experts and assessment of the effort, as well as an offer. DasUmzugsteam will prepare an individual offer for you and also offer carefree packages for your move abroad. Especially when moving abroad, optimal use of existing storage space is an important point. If this is not calculated correctly, this error can have a huge impact on the costs. By using a professional moving company, this risk is minimised. The employees of DasUmzugsteam are familiar with all the pitfalls of moving abroad. In addition, our carefree package guarantees that there are no hidden costs. We are also happy to provide you with information about the need for containers when moving abroad.


Organisation and preparation

Our service includes completely organising the move. From packing services such as packing and labelling boxes, to removing household goods and clearing out your previous accommodation. The trained team carries out its work with the utmost care and precision and ensures that your goods and furniture are adequately secured. The furniture is then properly disassembled and appropriately packed for transport. This is followed by proper loading and safe transport to the desired destination. Once there, the furniture is assembled again and the moving boxes are unpacked.


Disposal and clearing out

We are also happy to help with assembling your kitchen and disposing of packaging materials as well as the furnishings you sorted out when moving abroad. To make the stress of moving abroad even easier for you, we offer our customers a shuttle service to the train station or airport.

Customer rating

Top moving company! Very competent and hard-working employees. Sensational service despite the coronavirus measures!
- Verena H.
Vienna - Berlin
8 m³ incl. disassembly and assembly and packaging material
€ 1.980,- (incl. 20% VAT)
The price was calculated on the basis of Verena H.'s move and is merely a guideline. Our price page offers you a detailed overview of the costs of a move.
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How long in advance do you have to plan a move abroad?

This depends on the destination. If you want to move to an EU country, a lead time of approx. 10 days is recommended. If you want to move to a non-EU country, you also need to factor in the time required for customs documents and entry papers, such as a visa.

When do you pay for the move?

The amount is usually paid by bank transfer after the move and after receipt of the invoice. For larger sums, a deposit is requested by bank transfer as security for the removal company and the customer.

How many hours does a move take?

As a rule, a move abroad takes around 1-2 days, depending on the volume of the move and the exact destination. However, we endeavour to plan the move with more movers so that the moving time is reduced to a minimum.

How long does it take to pack moving boxes?

As a rule, you need 2 full days for a 3-room flat. If you are moving to a non-EU country, the packing list time must be added to this. This means that a packing list is drawn up where each moving box and its contents are noted.


Moving abroad?

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