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Mover from dasUmzugsteam is assembling some cables in the kitchen
Mover is measuring the kitchen wall for a cupboard - dasUmzugsteam
A Moving fitter shows the finished kitchen to a happy customer - dasUmzugsteam

Do you know the problem… You want to move and face the fact that your existing kitchen as it is, does not fit into the new home? Are you dreading the fact of having to replace or even sell your kitchen? In addition, the purchase of a new kitchen would still be on your to-do list, where you would be faced with extremely long waiting times and in many cases the kitchen and kitchen appliances would only be partially delivered.

We took care of this problem by bundling our know-how and putting together an unbeatable team of professional assemblymen and carpenters. We can actually move every kitchen and thanks to us you can move into your new home with your old kitchen in a carefree and comfortable way. No matter how the new spatial conditions may be – our in-house kitchen planner plans your kitchen and the joiner and assembly team adjusts it professionally and meticulously.

Two mover of DasUmzugsteam are measuring the kitchen

Advantages of a move with kitchen:

  • More cost-effective than buying a new kitchen
  • No months of waiting for a new kitchen
  • No annoying partial assemblies and delays
  • No tedious hoping for a one-off payment
  • No time-consuming kitchen selling process
  • Possibility of expanding your existing kitchen

How does moving with a kitchen work?

Personal advice, careful planning and first-class implementation

  • Inspection and replanning
    • Free inspection (moving-out address and moving-in address)
    • Discussion about your wishes and customisation options
    • Replanning and visualisation in the 3D program
    • Specially tailored offer

  • Kitchen disassembly and transport
    • Professional disassembly of the old kitchen
    • Completion of electrical and water connections
    • Careful packing and loading of elements
    • Transport to the moving in address
  • Kitchen assembly and adaptation
    • Adjustments made by the professional carpenter
    • Cutting of the new worktop (except stone slabs)
    • Assembly of the kitchen incl. connection of all electrical appliances
    • Installation of sink and water pipes
DasUmzugsteam On-site visitor walking through the flat with smiling customer

Costs for moving with a kitchen

Clear advantage against buying a new kitchen

Kitchen plan from DasUmzugsteam

The costs for moving an old kitchen are as follows:

€ 95 basic flat rate (25 km area)

+ €145 flat rate for the connection of electrical appliances (water, electricity and lighting connections)

+ €195 per linear metre of the base cabinets

+ €65 per linear metre of the upper cabinets

+ €275 per linear metre for the tall cabinets (extractor fan falls under tall cabinet)

*All prices excl. 20% VAT.

Sample pricing
Kitchen plan vs installed kitchen - DasUmzugsteam


Base cabinet: 2,85 linear metres

Upper cabinet: 2,85 linear metres

Tall cabinet: 2,25 linear metres

Installation costs incl. connection of the devices = € 1.599,-

*all prices excl. 20 % VAT.

Customer rating

From consultation to implementation, my expectations were met to 1000%. Many thanks to the great team!
- Andrea K.
Move with kitchen within Vienna
Disassembly and assembly with transport and adaptation in the new flat, incl. electrical and lighting connections
€880 (excl. 20% VAT)
The price was calculated on the basis of Andrea K.'s move with kitchen and is merely a guideline. Our price page offers you a detailed overview of the costs of a move.
Kitchen moving rating of a happy customer - 5 Stars - DasUmzugsteam

Frequently asked questions

About the subject moving with a kitchen

Is it possible to adapt an old kitchen to a new flat?
Yes, it can be done. We at DasUmzugteam have a well-trained team of kitchen planners and carpenters and are specialised in moves with kitchens incl. replanning and adaptation.
What needs to be considered when moving with a kitchen?
Kitchen plan: If you are planning to move with your kitchen, a kitchen planner has to prepare the replanning work in advance. This can be carried out by one of our kitchen planners or by an external third party. The important thing is to create a plan for the newly arranged kitchen.
Worktop and wall panels: these can or will almost certainly break during disassembly. The assembly adhesives used rarely allow you to remove worktops and wall panels without damaging them.
Gas connections: if gas connections are available, a separate company must be commissioned in addition to DasUmzugsteam in order to be able to deal with these connections properly.
How long in advance should you plan a move with kitchen?
We recommend between 2 - 4 weeks lead time, but no later than 10 days before the moving date.

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