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DasUmzugsteam – reputable, certified and top-rated. See us as your trusted partner for removals, relocations and assembly work of any kind. We offer a wide range of moving and assembly services carried out perfectly by experts as well as add-ons to make your life easier. No matter what needs or challenges your move may bear – we draw up and guarantee a specially tailored solution.

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Whether as a private person or company, whether Vienna, Vorarlberg or Belgium – we develop individual moving experiences at an unbeatable price. We work with fairness, honesty and the highest quality.

  • Personal consultation
  • Price & service guarantee
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Specially tailored solutions

Moving services

Our services at a glance

Moving within Vienna
We are the top-rated removal company in Vienna and have already taken care of over 4500 moves in Vienna. Our team, all professional furniture packers, are very familiar with old Viennese buildings, narrow staircases, listed buildings and narrow and/or busy streets.
In addition, we guarantee no hidden costs, transparent and comprehensible offers, no flat fees for arriving within Vienna and as an extra service you get our empty moving boxes delivered and picked up free of charge.
Moving within Austria
Save time and nerves and enjoy a carefree and above all hassle-free move within Austria with us. We offer an individual comprehensive service, tailored to your needs and wishes. All types of furniture assembly, the relocation of your kitchen adapted to your new home, careful packaging of all household goods, final cleaning and painting work after moving out – everything done by professionals and from a single source.
Moving abroad
Within the EU or worldwide - moving abroad can be a very complex and tricky task. What will it cost me? Which documents do I need and how can I transport my belongings safely to my new home? DasUmzugsteam is the specialist for international relocations and those moving to other countries.

We not only take care of forwarding and transporting furniture, but we also take care of all other jobs to do with moving, whether they be final cleaning of the place you are moving out from, clearing out and disposing of old furniture or carrying out various painting jobs.

In addition, we offer extra "moving abroad" checklists to download and help with advice and assistance when it comes to dealing with administrative work and documents as well as taking care of things/details that still have to be done.
Company move
Basically, a company move is hardly different from a private move. However, you need to plan it in more detail and organise it very well so that interruptions to business are kept as short and small as possible. Those who need to relocate their company are in the best hands with us. We have a lot of experience in this regard, and we cater specifically to your needs and circumstances and come up with a specially tailored offer and subsequently a perfectly executed move.

Assembly service

Whether individual furniture, complex cabinet systems or kitchens

Moving with a kitchen
Are you moving and don't want to leave your kitchen behind? Then just take it with you. Thanks to us, you can take your kitchen with you no matter how much space you have in your new home. With the know-how of a carpenter and the utmost care, we plan your kitchen, adapt it to your new home and take care of assembly and installation work professionally.
  • Professional replanning via the kitchen planner
  • Professional disassembly and transport
  • Adapted to your new home by a carpenter
  • Installation of all electrical appliances and water connections
Kitchen assembly
We set up your kitchen - no matter if the kitchen to be assembled is from Ikea, Lutz or Möbelix. Our well-trained team sees that every kitchen is set up professionally including complete installation of electrical appliances and water connections - regardless of furniture store and manufacturer. We are happy to help you with your new kitchen even without moving.
  • Collection and delivery of the new kitchen
  • Installation of the kitchen including assembly of the worktop
  • Professional connection of all electrical appliances
  • Professional installation of sink and water pipes
Furniture assembly
We take care of the complete disassembly and assembly of your furniture. Our wide range of services and many years of experience range from assembling Ikea furniture to a wide range of other furniture stores, to specially customised products by carpenters.
With removals carried out by us, the disassembly and assembly of all furniture is included (excl. heavy items over 80 kg). Our assembly service can also be booked as a separate service without moving.

Optional bookable services

Our add-ons that can be booked in addition to each move.

Packaging material
You are welcome to buy required packaging material from us for your move.
  • Moving box*
  • Clothes box*
  • Stretch wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping paper
If you book a move with us, the delivery and collection of all packaging material is free of charge.




*You can of course only rent them and return them after use.


No parking zone
For an efficient and smooth process, we are happy to organise the setting up of no parking zones* for our moving customers. This service can only be booked in the course of a move and includes the following:

  • Application to MA (municipal department) 46
  • Setting up of no parking signs
  • Removal and collection of the no parking signs.

* We will decide with you on the day of inspection whether a no parking zone is required or not.

Heavy transport
Items weighing more than 80 kg fall into the category of heavy transport. For this type of transport, additional costs are incurred depending on the weight and floor.

On our price page with the overview of add-on costs you will find all information about heavy transport.
Storage and self-storage
Your new home is not yet completely ready to move in to or there is no space for some of your old furniture after the move? No problem, we help you store them - whether furniture or household goods.

We offer 2 different storage options. On the one hand there is the service warehouse, which is perfect for very large and bulky items and on the other hand the self-storage option. You can find exact details about the process, costs and benefits here:

Our popular moving packages

Thanks to years of experience, we know exactly about our customers’ needs and have used this knowledge as the basis for three popular moving packages. Depending on your main needs, these packages should guarantee you a simple and carefree move – both in planning and implementation.

Basic package
  • Assembyman (men) and furniture assembly (excl. kitchen)
  • Hand trolley, belts and moving covers
  • Transport insurance
  • Clearing out

from € 35,- per hour (excl. 20% VAT.)


Carefree package
  • Assembyman (men) and furniture assembly (excl. kitchen)
  • Hand trolley, belts and moving covers
  • Transport insurance
  • Clearing out
  • Packing & unpacking service for household goods

from € 55,- per hour (excl. 20% VAT.)


Kitchen package
  • Assembyman (men) and furniture assembly (excl. kitchen)
  • Hand trolley, belts and moving covers
  • Transport insurance
  • Clearing out
  • Packing & unpacking service for household goods
  • Kitchen relocation by a carpenter

from € 65,- per hour (excl. 20% VAT.)


Mover packs wardrobe into a wardrobe moving box. DasUmzugsteam

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