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Planning a move to, from or to Linz? We are your reliable moving partner for private and company relocations. Our team consists exclusively of highly trained movers and fitters with years of experience.

Two movers packing and transporting. DasUmzugsteam

The best choice

We are fast, reliable and have the best price-performance ratio. With more than 25 years of experience and over 4500 removals carried out in Austria and abroad, we are one of the most experienced removal companies for private removals & office removals in Austria.

  • Personal support from removal coordinator
  • Trained movers and fitters for every move
  • Free quote – via digital furniture surveyor or on site
  • Top price-performance guarantee with no hidden costs
  • Kitchen relocation incl. customisation to your new home

Unser Service-Extra für Sie: die leeren Umzugskartons werden ohne zusätzliche Kosten geliefert und abgeholt.

Our services

Moving services

Company relocation and office move

We know how important it is for a company and office move to be as efficient as possible so as not to waste time and therefore money. That's why we work with our customers to plan the entire move in detail so that business disruption is kept to a minimum.

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Additional services
  • Packing & unpacking service
  • Assembly services
  • Heavy & special transport
  • No stopping zones in Vienna
  • Kitchen relocation
  • Kitchen assembly
  • Removal boxes and packing materials

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Relocation in/to Linz and Austria
Are you about to move to/from Linz? We are the right partners for this new phase of your life. Our movers and fitters are highly trained and have years of experience.
We stand for a stress-free move - whether private or professional - we always have an open ear for your concerns and questions. Regardless of whether it's about additional moving boxes, vehicle re-registration, registration and deregistration or no-stopping zones.

Assembly services

Relocate kitchen
Very few people realise that moving a kitchen is cheaper than buying a new one. What's more, there's no hassle of disposing of the old kitchen or stressful replacement discussions with the new tenants. What's more, there's no waiting and delivery time when you relocate your kitchen.
Our kitchen planner simply plans your existing kitchen. This means that your beloved kitchen can be taken to your new home straight away. Our fitters and carpenters will customise everything professionally on site and fit all electrical appliances, connect all installations and water connections.
Kitchen installation
Years of experience characterise us! We are the best choice when it comes to kitchen assembly and installation. Regardless of whether the kitchen is from Ikea, Lutz or Möbelix - we will professionally install your new kitchen regardless of the furniture store or manufacturer, including the complete installation of water connections and electrical appliances.
Furniture assembly service
We assemble all types of furniture for you. Whether it's Ikea furniture or customised furniture made by carpenters. Your disassembly and assembly of all furniture is in highly trained hands with us.
The dismantling and assembly of all furniture is included in all removals we carry out (excluding heavy loads over 80 kg). Our assembly service can also be booked as a separate service without a move.
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Customer Review

Super fast response and accommodating service for our spontaneous move from Vienna to Linz. Top price-performance ratio!
- Melanie V.
Vienna - Linz
50m² / 9m³ without dismantling & assembly, including packaging material
€ 888,- (inkl. 20% MwSt.)
The price has been calculated on the basis of Melanie V.'s move-out & move-in addresses and is only a guide. Our price page gives you a detailed overview of the costs of a move.
Melanie gives a 5 star review after moving to Linz - dasumzugsteam

How much does a move cost?

How much a move costs depends on various factors and variables.
How much is the total volume of items to be transported (furniture, electrical appliances, moving boxes, household goods, etc.)? Which services are required? Is a packing and unpacking service required?

For this reason, an inventory must be made in advance. This can either be done from the comfort of your own home using a digital furniture tool or by having one of our employees visit you in person.

You will then receive a customised and non-binding offer with a price guarantee tailored to your wishes and needs. As a little extra from us, you’ll also receive your personal moving checklist after placing your order.

Costs for a move in Linz calculated using our basic package:

Wohnungsgrößebis 50 m²bis 80 m²bis 120 m²ab 120 m²
Removal volume10 - 20 m³20 - 35 m³35 - 60 m³ab 50 m³
Costs400-800€600 - 1.200€800 - 1.800€ab 1.400€
Duration0,5 days1 days1,5 days2 days
*All prices are subject to 20% VAT and are intended as a guide only.
Download our services and prices:

DasUmzugsteam – Pricelist

TheMoving Team – the #1 in Linz
A strong partner for your move

Experience and professionalism are the most important criteria when choosing your removal company in Linz and the surrounding area.

That’s why we are the best choice for your move. We can draw on more than 25 years of experience and have a team of highly trained fitters and movers.

DasUmzugsteam offers a complete and customised service package that is needed for a stress-free move in Linz and Linz-Land.

DasUmzugsteam – Checkliste Umzug

Best moving company in Vienna and Austria -DasUmzugsteam

How does a move work?

two movers caring boxes to new home- abroad move- Vienna move - moving in Austria - DasUmzugsteam
  • Initial information and inventory
    • Using the digital furniture tool - exclusively with us
    • or personal on-site inspection by surveyor
  • Select desired services
    • Whether you need an all-round service or just a basic service - we have the right service package. You can also book flexible add-ons.
  • Receive a customised offer
    • Personalised advice and individual solutions
    • A non-binding offer within 24 hours
  • The stress-free move
    • Professional furniture disassembly and assembly
    • Transport incl. transport insurance

Our Add-ons

These services can be booked as add-ons for private or company removals.

Packaging material
You are welcome to buy the packing material you need for your move from us.
  • Moving box*
  • Clothes box*
  • stretch film
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper
If you book a removal with us, the delivery and collection of all packing material is free of charge.

*These can also be rented and returned after use.
No stopping zone
We are happy to organise the installation of no-stopping zones for our customers in order to guarantee an efficient and smooth process. This service can only be booked in Vienna and only in the course of a move and includes
  • Application to MA 46
  • Setting up the no-stopping signs
  • Collection of the no-stopping signs
We will decide together whether a no stopping zone is required during the viewing appointment.
Heavy transport
Items weighing over 80 kg fall into the heavy goods transport category. Additional costs are incurred for this type of transport depending on the weight and floor. 
On our page with the overview of our prices you will find all information about heavy transport.
Your new home is not yet completely ready for you to move into or some of your old furniture no longer has a place after the move? No problem, we can help you with storage - whether furniture or household goods.
We offer 2 different storage options. Firstly, the option of a service warehouse, perfect for very large and bulky items, and secondly, the self-storage option. You can find more details about the process, costs and benefits here:
Buy or hire moving boxes


What advantages do I have if I move with a removal company in Linz?

Reputable removal companies can make an upcoming move considerably easier and are a relief in terms of time, physical and often mental strain. The entire move is virtually taken off your hands thanks to experienced removal helpers with professional equipment. Furniture is professionally dismantled and assembled and is insured against any kind of transport damage. Household effects are properly What advantages do I have if I move with a removal company in linz? packed and transported with the utmost care. In addition, professional removal companies also help with advice and know-how on what you have to consider when moving - registration and deregistration of various connections and contracts, possible visits to the authorities that have to be made, what you generally have to pay attention to when moving, and much more.

How do I recognise a reputable removal company in Linz?
As the removals industry in Austria is not regulated by the state, it unfortunately happens far too often that this is exploited by dubious individuals and companies. Pay attention to the following points when choosing your removal company:
  • Avoid companies that only give mobile phone numbers in their contact details. These are often one-man companies that can no longer be contacted in the event of damage.
  • The most favourable prices are only attractive at first glance. Read offers carefully and pay particular attention to hidden costs and surcharges. Good companies disclose everything in the quote.
  • Reputable companies always carry out a pre-inspection so that they can provide you with a fair and customised quote. Alternatively, online tools are also available.
  • Pay attention to online reviews and pay particular attention to the reaction and responses of the respective removal company. Is there a general response? Is the number of reviews meaningful?
  • Never pay anything in advance. No reputable removal company makes demands before the service has been provided.
What is the difference between a flat-rate offer and an hourly offer?

In the case of a flat-rate offer, the estimated labour time is calculated after an inspection and recording of the scope of the move. On the basis of this, we prepare a non-binding offer for you, which in turn is binding for us. The advantage for you is that if the move takes longer than planned (traffic jam, lift faulty in the house, etc.) and specified in the all-inclusive offer, you will not incur any additional costs. If the volume of the move is changed shortly before and/or on the day of the move or if additional special services are requested at short notice, the flat-rate offer will be extended by the aforementioned costs. In the case of an hourly offer, you pay for the actual hours worked.

What are the advantages of setting up a no stopping zone in Linz?

Especially in Linz, parking spaces near your home can be in short supply. On request, you can book a no-parking zone with us. This guarantees an efficient and smooth move because the team, including the lorry, can park directly in front of your home. In terms of the overall price, a no-stopping zone is cheaper, as the shorter distances mean that the removal takes less time.

Does the removal team also offer removal services in Steyr and Wels?

YES, we move your belongings throughout Upper Austria. Whether Freistadt, Linz-Land, Attersee or Wels, we are the right removal company when it comes to a stress-free move.


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