General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of VIDAG GmbH | DasUmzugsteam

We work exclusively on the basis of the “General Austrian Freight Forwarders’ Terms and Conditions” (AÖSp), published in the Wiener Zeitung or in the respective valid form according to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, for the transport and storage of furniture on the basis of the “Conditions of carriage for furniture transport” and the “Conditions of storage for furniture transport” as well as the “Conditions of storage for furniture transport”. storage of furniture on the basis of the “Conditions of Carriage for Furniture Transport” and the “Storage Conditions for Furniture Transport” as well as the “Conditions of the Furniture Forwarding Insurance Policy”, in addition to the “General Austrian Forwarders’ Terms and Conditions” (AÖSp), published by the Federal Chamber of Commerce, Transport Section, Association of Freight Forwarders, or according to the respective announcement in the “Wiener Zeitung” and available for inspection at our premises, subject to change without notice, based on current rates, wages and tariffs. In the event of legal action, Austrian law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

Placing an order

Orders must be placed in writing. This can be done informally by e-mail, by confirmation link or by returning the duly signed offer. By signing and placing an order, all verbal or previous agreements become invalid. There are no collateral agreements.

If the client requests a change to the agreed service on the day the service is provided or if the information provided by the client in advance does not correspond to the status quo on the day the service is provided (e.g. additional unspecified removal goods, no lift available, further assembly services required, etc.), the management shall be consulted beforehand. The client receives an updated offer/contract and must confirm this again in writing before the service provision is continued.

Additional agreements or waivers of agreements made may only be agreed by the contractual partner or a person authorised by the contractual partner.

Basic condition for the provision of services

The agreed fulfilment of the order requires that extreme weather conditions or unforeseeable construction sites or official closures of access/exit routes or other external factors that cannot be influenced (flooding, excessive snowfall, extreme black ice, pandemic, etc.) do not make the provision of services difficult or impossible. In this case, the costs of the services provided up to that point shall be borne by the client. The costs of the cancellation of services that cannot be performed shall be borne by the Contractor.

The Contractor reserves the right to use a subcontractor to fulfil the order. For this purpose, customer data required for order processing and fulfilment must be passed on to the subcontractor. In the event of damage caused by a subcontractor, the contractor shall assume liability towards the client.

Prerequisite for the provision of services

In order to ensure a smooth process and compliance with the agreed costs, the Contractor requires the following:

  • The transport routes between the client’s front door and the furniture transport vehicle are freely accessible, structurally suitable and sufficiently dimensioned.
  • Existing lifts may be used for transport to and from the premises, subject to the restrictions specified by the manufacturer.
  • A free parking space for the Contractor’s furniture transport vehicle(s) is/are no more than 20 metres away from the building entrance.
  • No impairment of performance due to snow, ice and/or other weather-related or avoidable obstacles.

If one or more of these conditions are not met, this must be communicated in advance so that the corresponding offer can be calculated and prepared correctly. If one or more of these prerequisites are not met on the day the service is provided, contrary to the information in the quotation, the price guarantee shall lapse. Any additional time expenditure incurred as a result will be charged to the client in addition to the agreed quotation.

Price guarantee

In the case of all-inclusive offers, the contractor provides a price guarantee if all information on the provision of services is in accordance with the offer/contract approved in advance. This means that the volume of the removal goods and the local conditions at the move-in and move-out addresses must correspond to the information in the offer/contract on the day the service is provided, otherwise the price guarantee shall lapse and indicate a recalculation of the service.

Pre-inspection and quotation calculation

Each quotation is prepared on the basis of information provided by the client. This can be done by the client himself via e-mail by sending information and photos, or by providing this information via an online tool, or in the course of a personal on-site inspection by the contractor. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all removal goods, local conditions at the move-in and move-out addresses and any necessary and desired additional services are specified. Only in this way can the contractor guarantee a careful calculation of the order and subsequently a proper fulfilment of the order.

On-site inspections are free of charge in Vienna and within a radius of 25 km. Within a radius of 26 km to max. 50 km around Vienna, the client will be charged € 40 per inspection. On-site inspections outside a radius of 50 km can only be carried out online or on request and after consultation with the management.

If a pre-inspection is cancelled later than 24 hours before the agreed date or if the client cannot be found at the inspection address at the agreed time, the client will be charged a processing fee of € 35.

Setting up no-stopping zones in Vienna

If the local conditions at the move-in and/or move-out address do not allow the contractor’s furniture transport vehicle(s) to be parked close to the front door, the contractor reserves the right to apply for the establishment of a so-called no-stopping zone to the best of his knowledge and experience. The resulting costs will be charged to the client (according to the price list) and will be stated in advance in the offer. This guarantees the closest possible parking space to the front door and thus an efficient provision of the service. The client has the right to waive these no-parking zones and must make this known when submitting the offer. The client thereby accepts a longer working time and is aware that this order will not be charged at a flat rate but according to time spent.

Normal working hours

The normal working hours for all removal and installation work are from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 20:00 and Saturdays from 08:00 – 17:00. In exceptional cases, the working hours may deviate only on request and by special agreement made in advance. This agreed deviation must be stated in the offer/contract.

Our all-inclusive offers are calculated in half and full days. We define this as follows:

  • Half day – hour 1 up to and including hour 5
  • Full day – from hour 6 up to and including hour 10

Use of materials and disposal

The material required by the contractor for the professional packing, securing and transporting of the removal goods is calculated as part of the volume calculation, is included in the price and is disposed of by the contractor free of charge after the service has been provided.

Additional packing material explicitly requested by the client will be charged according to the price list. The additional packaging material shall be delivered free of charge within Vienna and a radius of 25 kilometres. Deliveries outside the 25 km radius are only made on request and by prior agreement. Disposal of the additional material is always free of charge if the quantity is manageable. The desired disposal of large quantities must be clarified in advance and may incur additional costs that must be borne by the client.

If there is additional packaging material that is not directly related to the Contractor’s service (e.g. packaging for new electrical appliances, etc.), this can be disposed of by the Contractor by agreement. This may result in additional costs to be borne by the client.

Note and recommendation: We recommend keeping the original packaging of all electrical appliances (if possible). According to the Austrian Insurance Act, transport damage to electrical appliances is only covered by insurance if these appliances are in their original packaging.

Documentation of the service provision

At the beginning of the service provision day, the contractor compares the approved offer/contract with the status quo on site. This takes place in the course of an inspection by the responsible team lead. In addition, any existing damage to the removal goods and/or other anomalies are carefully documented in writing and visually (by photo) during this inspection. This so-called handover protocol must be checked and signed by the client before the start of the service provision.

After the service has been provided, a new inspection is carried out during which any damage and/or other anomalies to the removal goods are documented in writing and visually (by photo). This acceptance report must also be checked and signed by the client.

It is recommended and expressly desired by the contractor that the client is present at all inspections and also carefully checks the reports drawn up before signing them. The client will receive all documents including photo documentation by e-mail after the service has been provided.

Excluded from the provision of services

The following services are not provided by DasUmzugsteam without exception:

  • Transport of animals or living creatures of any kind
  • Transport of aquariums, terrariums or similar that have not been completely emptied
  • Transport of valuables & works of art
  • Transport of electrical appliances that have not been completely emptied (e.g. refrigerator)
  • Connection & termination of gas connections
    Installation on tiled walls

Should the safety of the Contractor’s employees or other persons present (on the part of the Client) be jeopardised, the Contractor reserves the right to stop the provision of services without consequences and only to resume them when the safety of all persons present is guaranteed.

In addition, the Contractor reserves the right to inform the authorities immediately in the event of suspicious, unlawful or suspected unlawful acts and to stop the provision of services immediately.

Special and heavy transport

Special and heavy transport is only carried out as part of removal orders and cannot be booked as a separate individual service. Items weighing more than 80 kg are considered heavy transport. These items must be specified by the client in advance and calculated and taken into account by the contractor in the quotation. If the client fails to do so, the contractor reserves the right to subsequently invoice the heavy transport costs (according to the price list). As heavy transport items often require special equipment and/or specially trained teams, the contractor reserves the right to exclude any heavy transport items not specified in advance from the transport.

Liability in accordance with the conditions of carriage for furniture transport

The Contractor shall be liable for loss of or damage to the goods if the loss or damage occurs through his fault during the handling or transport of the goods for which the Contractor is responsible. The Contractor shall remedy the damage in kind, excluding liability for any depreciation in value, but shall in any case be free to pay compensation in cash. Only the current value shall be compensated and not the replacement value. In any case, the Contractor shall only be liable for the work performed by itself, which must be reported by the Client within 24 hours of completion of the order.

If the recipient of the removal goods will be a third party, this person must be informed by the client about the content of the agreed offer/contract and must also be informed about how to behave during unloading and in the event of damage in order to prevent the cancellation of claims for compensation.


Liability is excluded

a) if the Client does not inform the Contractor of any damage or loss within 24 hours of completion of the order or after signing the acceptance / handover report.

b) for the contents of packaging and containers of any kind, the packing and unpacking of which was not included in the contract and was not carried out by the contractor. Example: moving boxes or similar that were packed and sealed by the client.

c) for damage caused by the natural or defective nature of the goods or by inadequate packing of the goods carried out by the client, such as breakage or damage to marble slabs, glass, porcelain, mirrors, incandescent bodies, stucco frames, light fittings, lampshades, ovens and mechanical works.

d) Liability is also excluded for damage such as excessive loading of the furniture, loosening of glued joints, damage to paintwork, scratches and scuffs, cracking or dulling of the polish, oxidation, internal spoilage, leaks or spillages and the effects of the weather.

e) for damage to or loss of jewellery, precious metals, jewels, precious stones, money, coins, securities of any kind, documents and certificates. We expressly recommend that the transport of the aforementioned items is carried out by the client himself or that he separately commissions a valuables transport company.

f) for functional damage to electrical appliances, such as washing machines, radio, television, IT, hi-fi or similar devices. Furthermore, liability is excluded if the original packaging of the electrical appliances is not available for transport.

g) damage to plants.

h) for damage caused by explosive, flammable, radiating, self-igniting, toxic, corrosive substances, oils, fats and animals.

i) for damage to the removal goods or to walls, windows, floors and banisters during loading or unloading, unloading and reloading, if their size or weight does not correspond to the space conditions at the loading or unloading point, the Contractor has informed the Client or recipient of this in advance and the Client has insisted (despite being informed) that the service be carried out:

j) for damage caused as a result of “skilled labour” (carpenters, electricians or plumbers), the contractor has informed the client or recipient in advance and the client has insisted on the performance of the service.

k) Liability shall lapse if externally recognisable defects are not reported to the Contractor in writing immediately upon delivery or no later than 24 hours after performance of the service.

Cancellation, postponement and cancellation costs

The following costs (plus 20% VAT) will be charged to the client if the removal or installation date is cancelled after the order has been confirmed in writing:

After commissioning the service provision: € 30,-

Up to 5 days before the service is to be provided: € 60

Up to 2 days before the service is provided: 10 % of the amount according to the offer, but at least € 80,-

Up to 1 day before the service is provided: 20 % of the amount according to the offer, but at least € 100,-

On the day of the service provision: 30 % of the amount according to the offer, but at least € 120,-


If an appointment is postponed 5 days (or less) before the service is provided, the processing costs incurred up to that point will be charged in the amount of € 30.

Payment and default of payment

Unless otherwise indicated, all prices quoted by VIDAG GmbH | DasUmzugsteam are net prices plus 20% VAT. After the service has been provided, a proper invoice will be issued and sent to the client by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by him/her. In the absence of an e-mail address, the invoice shall be sent by post to the collection address.

There is a payment deadline of 7 working days after receipt of the invoice. If the due date is exceeded, the Contractor shall charge the Client the customary local reminder fees, interest per calendar month or part thereof, as well as collection fees according to the display.


The prices, according to the offer/contract, have been determined on the basis of the information provided by the client and/or the contractor. Surcharges for ancillary, additional and special services, fares and official fees that are not listed in the scope of services are to be paid additionally in accordance with the individual prices or the usual prices. Any road tolls, taxes or ferry costs incurred during the journey shall be remunerated additionally, if applicable on a pro rata basis.

Unless expressly agreed, any storage costs or additional costs not incurred through the fault of the contractor, as well as demurrage, waiting times, border waiting times of more than 2 hours and any insurance that may have been commissioned shall be charged separately. In the case of all-inclusive price agreements, the above-mentioned special services shall be cancelled accordingly. Cancellation fees according to the furniture transport tariff.

Furthermore, it is stated that the contractor only takes care of the transport for clearing out and is guided by the following according to the USP page (

“Transporters, insofar as they only transport waste on behalf of the waste owner” are not subject to a licence requirement.