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The clearing out service from DasUmzugsteam is a popular service with our customers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a complete house clearance, household clear-out or an inheritance or just a partial clear-out.

Our experienced removal men are well equipped to help you make room for new memories. This service can be included in the removal, but can also be booked as a separate service.

  • Quick and discreet clear-out of any kind, from your entire home to your office or warehouse
  • We plan the collection and transport your furniture to a location specified by you
  • Save yourself time and nerves and leave the work to our professionals


Clearing out and clearing out – where to put your things?

Would you like to clear out your belongings after a household clear-out or are you wondering where you can get a container for a clear-out? Our experienced removal helpers are very familiar with all the pitfalls and can take on this task for you in the Vienna and Lower Austria area, but also within Austria. We will be happy to plan the clearance of cellars, attics, warehouses or abandoned buildings for you and take your discarded items to a disposal company of your choice.

With the help of DasUmzugsteam, you save a lot of time and nerves and can focus on other important things. There are plenty of other tasks to do, especially when moving house. You shouldn’t have to worry about clearing out your belongings as well.


I would like to have an entire warehouse cleared - who should I contact?

Whether you want to clear out halls or just individual rooms - the removal team is the right place to go. Our experienced specialists will carry out the professional clear-out without a hitch.

Clearing out the flat - where to put the things?

Our company takes broken and unwanted household goods directly to the disposal facilities you specify.

How much does a clearance service cost?

The costs usually depend on the volume of the clear-out. The waste disposal company you commission will invoice you for the costs. The removal team will only charge you for the transport time per hour. The hourly rate for one man including lorry starts at 35 euros net. Please contact us for a customised quote.

How do office clearances work?

Our services also include the clearing out and clearance of company buildings, offices and shops in Vienna and Lower Austria. In such cases, the shredding and disposal of confidential documents is particularly important. We work together with authorised disposal companies for this purpose. In the course of an office clearance, we also professionally transport various machines, equipment and furniture to your designated disposal company.

How are confidential documents disposed of?

Papers are handled with the utmost discretion by our removal professionals and transported to your designated disposal company for shredding.

Time is usually short when moving house. For this reason, it is advisable to leave some tasks – such as clearing out, packing, assembly & disassembly and painting – to the professionals. The DasUmzugsteam offers various services relating to removals and will be happy to help you with your next project. Whether professional furniture disposal, cellar clearing, house clearing or flat clearing – we are here to help.

Clearing out and clearing out – this is how it works

With a clearance company, the process takes place in various stages. These always depend on the service booked. The DasUmzugsteam also acts as a clear-out company as part of a removal, but also as a separate service.

DasUmzugsteam customer and employee in living room. DasUmzugsteam

How it works

  • Free inspection and quotation
    • Our professional staff will visit the site to assess the work involved. You will then receive a customised offer from us.
  • Make an appointment
    • An appointment will be made after receipt of the order confirmation.
  • Clearing out and removal
    • The removal professionals will turn up punctually at the agreed time, start the professional clear-out and take the items to your designated waste disposal company.

The advantage of the clearing out service is obvious. You save time and don’t have to deal with the professional clearing out of your goods (in Vienna). Our professional removal helpers are very familiar with the subject and are the right choice if you want things to be done quickly and easily.

In addition to the necessary know-how, DasUmzugsteam also provides a lorry for clearing out – one less thing for you to worry about. We carry out our services efficiently and always take the customer’s wishes into account.

A professional clear-out by our Vienna removal company will not only save you time, but possibly also money. Save yourself the hassle of transporting your belongings to the waste disposal company and the cost of a rubbish container or suitable vehicle. Our fair prices have already won over numerous customers.

You can find price information on our service in the price list.

In the following table you will find guide values for clearing out costs.

Cellar200 Euro600 Euro
Small Appartment700 Euro2.000 Euro
Big Appartment1.200 Euro3.000 Euro
House1.500 Euro4.000 Euro
*This table is a guide only. The final price varies depending on the time required, landfill costs and the objects to be disposed of.

Are you planning a clear-out or clearance?

Then contact us and let us advise you. Professional clearing out is child's play with the right helpers at your side.

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